​​                    Cast and Crew with our "I Helped Get Ed Laid" t-shirts!




​​​PAPA Weeze Inc. &  Dragon Lady Films presents -

                                                              GETTING ED LAID 

Jean in monitor, Tim Smith of Canon (left) DP Richard Crudo and Deborah watch.                  Ed has a word with Richard Crudo.                                       Working out a move with Ed and Jean.

Deborah directs Jean in those platform shoes!               A word with Ed before a take.                                                Ed and Jean cracking up between takes.

           Ed and Deborah work with the costume.                            DP Richard Crudo explains a camera move to Director and UPM Cynthi Stefanoni.                Kathy Bayley freshening Jean's makeup. 


Exec Producers Barbie Weisserman and Deborah Pearl.                             A satisfied moment from Director Deborah Pearl.                                     Our Cast and Crew - it takes a village!!!!